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Was really stoked to get out there and use the GoPro camera. Worked out really well. Wait until you see the snowboarding footage from Jasper, Alberta with that thing. Hold on to your keyboard. Submit your own adventures.

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Magicians Episode 2(Boxing Day Classic Hockey)
We are Canadian so this video is a given. It’s not that cold out there. Enjoy it because we can’t.

Submit your own adventures. 

Q: having a bit of troubles editing using two different resolutions (720/1080). Which setting should i be choosing to edit them both in ie. NTSC WIDE, HDV etc or what?

Basically the final product once exported doesnt fill up the whole screen, what am i doing wrong?


Interesting question. I’m speaking from a Final Cut Pro perspective. When they advertised the program they went on and on about being able to edit different types of files/resolutions in the same timeline. From my experience(I’m not an expert!) this is not the case at all.

For you, FCP is sticking with one resolution. I’d convert your 1080 goodies down to 720 and stick with that. Use a program like MPEG Streamclip to get’er done. I haven’t mixed resolutions in a while so that’s the best answer I can give! Google it if anything!

Thanks for asking.

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Q: Hey man I was just wondering what you used to get your own website, and if torenveda runs on the same platform.

on a side note, keep up the awesome videos.


I use Tumblr for YFC. It’s really easy to update it and I’m in a network with millions of users. I’ve got over 1,000 followers on it so it’s really good for marketing.

Toren Veda is all custom designed and runs on it’s own system made by Trevor Blades.

Thanks for asking.

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Saved up this party footage for over 2 months! Great to get it out. Hockey next Tuesday! Submit your own Really Awesome Doings on the Magician’s site.

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Magicians Episode 1(Party Dives)

“We’re stuck on the back porch of the Universe.” It is November 2013. We are over 46,000,000 miles away from Earth. Watch our outrageous partying above on the planet from the year 2010. Next week is hockey. Hold on to your keyboard. 

Submit your own adventures.

I am ultra-stoked that Eternia, an amazing musician we’ve worked with before, is nominated for a Juno award this year! She’s the hardest working artist I know. Really Awesome Doings.

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I beseech you… Walk Worthy of the Calling with which you were Called

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I’ve been stocking up on footage of my friends and their really awesome doings for over 2 months now so we can do a more coherent concept rather than just a montage with a pop song. The series is called Magicians.

I’m ultra-stoked that we’re using all original music(all but one episode probably) composed exclusively for the series by my friend Sasha Szlafarski.

I reblogged this from the series’ site, click the link below for more information. New episode dropped every week. Part 1 will end in the Spring. Part 2 will begin in September(featuring the Summer).


MAGICIANS Trailer(Adventure Series)

First episode releases Tuesday, February 1st. Really Awesome Doings from Earth to you.

Stay tuned! 

Q: why is king blues' video, we are f--king angry not available?

Because they didn’t get permission to use our footage and YFC absolutely does not support the song’s message.

Thanks for asking!