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2 weeks ago
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web design rad High Quality

Things have changed.  Our first web design(trailer page) ever above by Marvin. We’ll always be up in the clouds.

Fresh Mud Live Acoustic. Just another hike with Graham Mallany providing the tunes. Always good to push down some trees. Don’t hate, they are beyond dead, we just created a new ecosystem.

Civil Disobedience. The Toronto Marijuana March is going 40,000 strong while the crew explores some radness.

Wicked! Jammed at Nate’s(guitarist) house a couple of days before he moved to Vancouver. That guitar and drum kit were in our very first movie over 5 years ago.

2 weeks ago
wtf new change reading

What the-?

What your seeing is a skeleton design. My designer Trevor Blades is going to work with the coding to YEAH! Filmsisize the crap out of it. Standby.

Okay so… stick with me here. I’ve decided to switch YEAH! Films to this Tumblr-powered format.

I decided to for a number of reasons. YFC would work much better as a stream than a site with pages that don’t get updated too often. This layout is also MOBILE friendly, all the videos and content can be watched on your iPhone or Blackberry or-wait, what the hell else is there?

-There is a Submit tab up on the left corner. Share your rad video/photo/song/blog/website with us and we’ll throw it in the stream if we like it!
-Use the Search function at the top right corner(under about me) to find old videos & posts. Every post is tagged.
-Like shit.
-Don’t forget about Toren up top), that gig is in full force!

We’ll be posting our own original photos, videos, movies, music videos & more right here on the stream.

Current fans please stick with us through this transition, we promise more chaos to come.

You can always check out our old videos. They’ll never be taken down.

For now, expect some really really awesome doings on the way. Tumblr has a lot to offer(you can even make voice posts through your cell phone!) and we plan on taking advantage of everything we can.
Say no to drugs.


Interviewer: So Randy, where do you think you'll see yourself in ten years?
Randal Graves: A mirror.

Ghetto Steeze

Lately I’ve been really stoked on shooting with a massive 35mm adapter that I snagged from Chris Wardle, the Director of Photography on The Fellowship music video.

The adapter lets me use any Canon/Nikon photo lens I want on my video camera. This means crazy depth of field(blurrrr baby blurrrr) and a lot of messing with the focus.

The lens I’m currently using is the one above(not my photo). I snagged it from Andrew DiCamillo, it’s straight from the seventies and rips the softest most bad ass footage ever. It’s almost time to try out some other lenses.

There are some problems with using a 35mm adapter. The main issue I’ve found is that it cuts down a lot of light, so it’s almost useless indoors(a party for example) unless shit is super lit up. Outdoors during the day however, is unbelievable.

Other issues are really just little hassles. Overall I’m stoked as usual on being able to use this type of stuff.

The Alpha Males

The Alpha Males is a rap project I’m working on with Alex Zych and William Donald. On June 1st we’re dropping a music video with the track available for download, and other little things to complete the user experience.

I’m responsible for the marketing and video work for the group. I’m also contributing creatively across the board.

I always like to work with a team, people more experienced than me so they put me in my place and offer me extremely valuable lessons. I’ve brought together some crazy talented people to bring this YFC project to life. Denelle Kennedy, an OCAD student, will be doing gnarly photography for the marketing. The beats are by Ottawa’s DJ Twigg. Vocals will be recorded by Fanshawe MIA student Colin Gibbs at the end of this month. Graphic Designer and Fanshawe student Marvin Sanchez will create and develop the visual style of the rap group.

This isn’t really a new idea for us, Zych has had a similar thing(click for some hilarious tracks) goin’ for fun for a while. We got super motivated to make something crazier after we heard and watched a rap rave force from South Africa known as Die Antwoord.

This project is totally for fun, we’re really just trying to get the YouTube community to hate us. The first track will be all about hating on the general public. We’re out to diss regular people you see throughout your day, 9-5ers, people in lineups, soccer moms etc.

From a rapper’s perspective it’s just straight cheese but from a regular person it’s just plain ignorance. We’re out to make something bent and hilarious.

More on production of The Alpha Males music video and track recording soon.